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Citeog Podcasts presents

THWDY  Season One is a slowly unfolding, gothic horror story set in 1925. Switching between England and the uneasy peace of post-Civil War Ireland, newly returned Captain Jon Ross must survive both local hostility and the increasingly sinister happenings at Kilphaun Hall as his English fiancée Elizabeth Sanderson risks London’s occultist demi-monde in a race to save him...

                                      2023 Irish Podcast Awards Finalist!


A slow burn, gothic story set in 1925

The Hungry Tomb is Season Two of This House Will Devour You.

Cairo, 1926. A vibrant, cosmopolitan city on edge. Its infamous cabarets are a home to the disreputable and the disenchanted; both  Egyptians and the lost misfits of Europe and America. Tourists crowd the bazaars seeking trinkets from the desert, while in drinking clubs, archeologists plan their next expeditions up the river. The city teems with unlicenced adventurers and fortune seekers, dreaming of finding an unopened tomb, or even perhaps  mythical Zerzura. 


Secret police and agitators spy and plot, and hiding amongst them all are a different type of seeker, the dangerous sort, in search of forgotten esoteric knowledge and no qualms as to how they acquire it.


Elizabeth Sanderson has come to Egypt in search of a cure for her brother, but who can she trust when everyone here has their own agenda? Esoteric cults, cursed expeditions, a dog headed man whose visits presage a terrified death; all these and more will stand in her way.

Beyond the city, beyond the Nile valley, lies the desert. Not everyone returns from its empty wastes. For those that do, sometimes something comes back with them.

The Hungry Tomb’  is season 2 of This House Will Devour You: An epistolary audio drama set between Egypt, Britain and Ireland in the 1920’s. A tale of love, madness, old magicks and dead gods.

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"I was suddenly 

conscious of being alone with these three men that clustered close under the dripping trees..."

What they are saying...

The Sunday Independent called it a newly hatched gem (December 2022) and said:

"Citeog's limited Irish drama series This House Will Devour You is perfectly timed for the fireside, its fictional Kilphaun Hall, Co Waterford, the setting for occultist skulduggery as the newly returned Captain Jon Ross and his English fiancée Elizabeth Sanderson arouse the suspicions of locals against the backdrop of post-Civil War Ireland."

   Citeog podcasts

Citeog Podcasts is a small indie podcast maker based in County Wicklow, Ireland. We are a husband and wife team, and write and produce our podcast in-house.

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